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Rules of SUF-AWARD

The Guides and Scouts of Finland issues SUF-AWARD for QSO’s with SWL-reports S, SGF, SUF, JAM –stations.

Points required for SUF-AWARD are: OH-stations 10 points, foreign and SWL-stations 5 points.

Points are awarded as follows: QSO with different S, SGF, SUF, JAM –stations counts as 1 pt. (example OH1SUF, OH7SUF, OH2SUF, OH2S, OH2SGF gives total of 5 points).

CW and over 50MHz QSO’s give double points.

Award is free of charge. Send list of QSO’s certified by two radioamateurs (SWL send list of QSL-cards) to Reetta Mansikkaviita reetta.mansikkaviita(a)

Stations which count for SUF-award: OH0JAM, OH0SUF, OH1SUF, OH2JAM, OH2S, OH2SGF, OH2SUF, OH3SUF, OH4SUF, OH5SUF, OH6SUF, OH7SUF, OH8SUF, OH9SUF